Where We Are

I’m New Here

  • We don’t bite.
    SkyPointe is one of those places where you’ll immediately hear, see, and feel how much you’re wanted. Yeah, you heard it right… we “want” you to come. We have people that regularly attend from every background imaginable, so you’re sure to find someone just like YOU here!
  • Human wrecks welcome.
    One of the first things you’ll notice is our imperfections… we don’t have it all together and have reached the point where we’ve stopped trying to convince everyone else we do. Our lives are filled with stress, relational struggles, financial difficulties, temptations and trials of every sort. What makes us different is our deep love for Jesus Christ, our commitment to His Word, and our indwelling of His Spirit.
  • No plastic sofa coverings.
    Do you remember going to your parents or grand parents house where half the furniture was covered with plastic, so as not to get it dirty? Well you won’t find any plastic coverings here, and we want you to feel right at home.
  • We like to sing.
    As soon as you walk in you’ll hear the music playing in the background. As the service starts, you’ll be invited to join us in singing praises to God. Our music cannot be pigeon-holed into one particular style or genre, but we can assure you, if it honors God and moves our hearts, we sing it!
  • We’re fired up about living Scripture.
    We’re not embarrassed or ashamed of the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, experiencing first-hand its life-transforming power! Please bring your bibles with you, and if you don’t have one, we have some extras here. Be prepared to learn about the truths and principles in God’s Word and how to live them out in your daily life!
  • Join Us!
    Join us this Sunday at 10:00 a.m.!