Where We Are

Who We Are

We don’t like labels – unless it’s on a gallon of premium ice cream. But when it comes to people and churches, labels do a poor job of explaining what’s inside.  The best way to find out who we are is to come by and hang out.  If you do, you’ll find a group of people who will love and accept you regardless of what label has been previously hung around your neck, and who will invite you to join in on a quest to follow God’s call to be a people with changed lives.

If you’re looking for a list of ingredients, though – you can check out our basic beliefs on the “What We Believe” page.


SkyPointe’s vision is to Connect with our community and Train them to Honor God with their lives! He has called us to be a mission to the unchurched and the de-churched. He has called us to:

Go  Faithfully go to our community rather than waiting for them to come to us.

Engage   Be part of the very fabric of our community thru intentional planning, and be salt and light.

Love   Love each other so deeply and powerfully that a watching world is amazed at our friendships.

Obey  Demonstrate a radical dependence upon living out Scripture in our lives.

Enjoy   Squeeze every drop of joy, pleasure, and fun we find in closeness with God and our family.

Train   Engage the nastiness and depravity and pain in those we serve with humble guidance.

Grow   Plant ten churches that will embrace these seven core values for God’s glory.